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Spring is right around the corner, which means work, work and more work for tractor owners! Here’s a list of the top 5 tips to keep your tractor from bogging down in the middle of all your hard work, prepping for springtime and summer.


Fresh oil and a new oil filter helps keep your engine ’working on all cylinders!’ Make sure you have clean oil and clean filters as you’re heading into your springtime chores. While this is a routine maintenance item, neglect can incur serious damage to your engine. As you’ll read below, inspect the engine oil and other fluid frequently to catch any leaks or find any irregularities.


This is one of the most important maintenance items on your tractor! Think about it, your engine needs air to combust, and the most detrimental thing to your engine is dirt and dust, getting into the system. Make sure your air filter is clean. Use an air compressor to blow out the air filter, but don’t get too close to the filter with your air compressor. You just want to clean out the dust and dirt. You don’t want to be so close that you damage the filter. The air filter should be cleaned at least every 8 hours of use or more if needed. If the air filter is very dirty, replace it! Don’t ruin your engine over a dirty air filter!


As well as cleaning your air filter every 8 hours of use you need to also get in a habit of checking all fluid levels before each use. Checking levels is smart to do and can prevent damage to your machine if the last time you used it, it had an unnoticeable leak. In the construction market operators are taught to do this on their equipment before each use. This is unlike a car or truck. Your machine is used very hard. Digging dirt, plowing etc. It is so important to know the levels of all fluids before use which will make it easy to spot a potential leak.


Not only cleaning the screen, but also the radiator fins. It’s an easy thing to miss, but dirt, grass, hay, etc. packed in the radiator and the screen can reduce the radiators performance, causing your tractor to overheat. Take a quick minute and clean out the radiator and radiator screen.


Another important inspection on your tractor is grease! Make sure all grease points are greased. Failure to keep your zerks greased has the potential to break pins, or worse, damage the machine. If you’re hearing any kind of squeaking at any of the joint points, you probably need grease. Check these points before and after every use.

These are a few tips to start off your springtime ranch work! One of more crucial services is your 50 hour break-in period. You do not want to miss the break-in period! Get your service done to protect the future of your tractor! Call us for information on any of these services or products. We have fast turnaround and same day 50 hour service if needed.