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My name is Andy Zigan, and I live near Brighton, Colorado in a house on 2.5 acres. I seldom review purchases that I have made, however with this purchase of a LS 3039H Compact Tractor I am compelled to give a 5 Star Review.
I had a 2008 Nortrac tractor that I decided to trade in because of my 72 year old bad back. I used it very little and only when I had to, it was very difficult to get on or off of that tractor because it had a manual transmission and several levers and pedals that were in the way.
I contacted Legacy Tractor by Email asking for a quote for this LS3039H after a great amount of research on the web. Gary the owner replied quickly and I was very interested and I decided to drive 55 miles north to Fort Collins, Co. to see what he had in stock. I met with Gary and he showed me several models and spent his time answering my questions. Gary is NOT the high pressure salesman I expected, he is very knowledgeable and I bought the tractor and made a new friend all at that same time. He delivered the tractor to me in less that 2 hours.
This tractor is just perfect for me. It is easy to get on and off, no levers in the way with the hydrostatic transmission, it really surprised me the amount of power and fast hydraulics it has over the Nortrac. I moved 54 tons of topsoil last weekend to my garden area, and it really works great. My son Steve lives across the lake and will be using it for mowing. I expect to have this tractor for a very long time. I keep it clean and in my shop.
In parting I have to say: DO NOT buy a tractor until you look at the LS series of tractors.

Andy Zegan, CO

Definitely 5 stars!! Mostly all the transactions were done over the phone. The exact tractor for the right price was ordered and 2 weeks later I was on my way to pick it up. I drove 380 miles and the LS 3140 tractor was ready to load up, just as promised. Thank you for such a great buying experience!

Jeff Griego, Dixon, NM